Thatcham Trackers

Thatcham Trackers

Ghost NW can supply and install a comprehensive range of Thatcham approved trackers.

As of 1st January 2019, the criteria for Thatcham trackers changed.

Cat 5 tracker has been superseded by S5 VTS (and its variants)

Cat 6 tracker has been superseded by S7 VTS.

All of the trackers that we supply and install are accompanied by a web based interface and an app so that your car can be monitored by yourself as well as the SOC (secure operating centre).

Our S5 Dead Lock is a combined tracker and immobiliser. Giving up to 3 circuit immobilisation, you have the ability to “Lock Down” your vehicle from a secure app, thus leaving your vehicle immobilised until you disarm it. The S5 Dead Lock includes an OBD port immobilisation.


S7 VTS                      £389.00  (price includes first year subscription)

S5 VTS                     £479.00  (price includes first year subscription)

S5 Dead Lock       £579.00   (price includes first years subscription)